Get a $210 Tesla S

No, we don’t think the massive Tesla Gigafactory being constructed out in Nevada will be making little-bitty diecast toy Teslas, but the California-based all-electric vehicle maker has indeed commissioned miniaturized, authorized versions of the Model S super sedan. At $210 a pop, the toy cars, just like the real McCoys, appear to cater specifically to the one-percenters. Single-charge range? Endless.

The Model S P85 diecast scale model is one-eighteenth the size of the real deal. The model cars have plenty of goodies, just like the real-life versions. Those include about 270 separate metal and plastic parts snapped together with typical Tesla elegance as well as a detailed interior and opening/closing capabilities for all of the little cars’ doors, trunks and hoods. Panoramic roof, rear spoiler, carpeted trunk and interior are all additional touches. To get an understanding of 1:18 scale means, the car is about 11 inches (think the length of a piece of standard printer paper) by five inches.

While still small, these toy versions are quite a bit larger than the diecast cars that were announced by longtime toymaker Mattel for its Matchbox and Hot Wheels divisions earlier this year.

The Matchbox cars also look pretty much like the real version, only way smaller. The Hot Wheels variant gets flared wheel wells, glittery paint and big rear spoilers, a sort of Pimp My Ride version.

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