Get Ready for an All-New Aluminum Ford Expedition

The jumbo ground jet we like to call the Ford Expedition is about to lighten its load. A lot.

The automaker is reportedly planning to introduce the fourth-generation of its large SUV with a new design and aluminum body. Pound for pound an aluminum platform should help the Expedition drop several hundred pounds, like it did for the F-150. 

It’s due to arrive in about a year from now as a 2018 model, which couldn’t come soon enough. For one, despite the cheaper gas prices, Ford knows the Expedition’s future depends on better fuel economy, especially with the U.S. government’s tightening emissions standards. 

Beyond fuel economy, the current Expedition desperately needs a style update. (The 2016 model is shown above.) It’s been on the market for ten years. We’d expect to offer the same styling as the new F-Series trucks.

Currently, Ford sells around 40,000 Expeditions a year. It keeps up with the its rival GMC Yukon, but it falls well below the sales of Chevrolet’s Tahoe.

A new Navigator from Ford’s sister brand Lincoln will likely follow the new Expedition. 


Lincoln Navigator Concept

Photo Credit: Ford
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