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After abandoning the Datsun name nearly 30 years ago, Nissan is reviving the brand for economy cars sold in developing markets.

According to Reuters, the Datsun brand would return to countries such as India, Russia and Indonesia for cars priced about $6,200. Nissan wants a sub-brand to let it sell inexpensive cars in developing markets, without damaging the Nissan brand reputation.

Toyota and Honda face similar challenges in developing markets. French carmaker Renault, a Nissan partner, currently builds cheaper cars under the Dacia brand, with such cars as the Dacia Logan or Nissan Aprio (for Mexico). Similar models could be considered for Datsun. Nissan hopes to sell about 300,000 vehicles a year under the Datsun brand, sources tell Reuters.

The original Datsuns, from pickups to sedans to the cool 240Z, that’s still fondly remembered by Baby Boomers, were essentially Nissan-brand cars rebadged for export. Nissan sold cars in the U.S. under the name until the early 1980s.


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