GM CEO Envisions A Woman CEO Soon

GM CEO AkersonGeneral Motors CEO Dan Akerson said he envisioned a woman running one of the three U.S. automakers one day, and that it was inevitable in an industry where half the customers are female.

“The Detroit 3 are all run by non-car guys,” Dan Akerson said at a conference, referring to GM, the top U.S. automaker, and its smaller rivals, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler Group LLC. “Some day, there’ll be a Detroit 3 that’s run by a car gal.”

“I don’t know when, but I think there are an unbelievable number of talented women in automotive, certainly at General Motors,” Akerson said. “It’s inevitable.”

One of the executives whom analysts and industry observers have cited as a potential successor to Akerson is Mary Barra, GM’s global product development chief.

Akerson said in May 2012 that Barra would be candidate to succeed him.

On other topics, Akerson declined to say whether a $3.2-billion buyback of preferred shares from a UAW trust announced, and an upgrade to investment-grade level by a major U.S. credit rating agency, would lead to a common dividend at the company. He said GM continued on its plan to improve profitability and cash flow.


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