GM Denies Claims Chevy Cruze Diesel Cheats Emissions

2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean

General Motors calls accusations the Chevy Cruze Diesel cheats emissions baseless and says the Cruze’s engine is complaint to every letter of the law.

The automaker’s response comes after a class-action lawsuit was filed this week by a Seattle law firm on behalf of six Cruze diesel owners. It alleges GM and Chevy falsely marketed the Cruze Diesel as a clean vehicle when it’s not. Instead, the suit claims the Cruze uses defeat software like Volkswagen did in its TDIs.

GM responded with this statement:

“These claims are baseless and we will vigorously defend ourselves. GM believes the Chevrolet Cruze turbo diesel complies with all US EPA and CARB emissions regulations.” – GM

The lawsuit is really rooted in Europe. It tries to connect the Cruze diesel to GM’s Opel brand. It sites a report from a German environmental group that claims the Opel brand uses a device that disables pollution controls in some circumstances. Opel and GM say that’s not the case. They’ve repeatedly denied the cars do not use any type of defeat device whatsoever.  According the Detroit News, GM and Opel say the group’s report was based on “misleading oversimplifications and misinterpretations of the complicated interrelationships of a modern emissions control system of a diesel engine.”

The lawsuit, filed by Hagens Berman Sobal Shapiro, is seeking buybacks and asking GM to compensate owners the $2,000 premium they paid for their cars. It also asks for punitive damages.

This isn’t the first emissions lawsuit involving the Seattle firm. It’s also a member of a court-appointed committee in a case against Volkswagen emissions cheating. Plus, it’s also lead counsel in a similar case filed against Mercedes-Benz.

GM brought the 2.0-liter diesel engine over from Europe a few years ago. It is bringing the Cruze Hatchback to the U.S. this fall.

Photo Credit: GM/Chevy
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