GM Expects to Lose $9,000 On Every All-Electric Bolt


It’s the vehicle everyone is talking about. The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, due out in a matter of weeks. Why it was a one of the big talkers at this year’s DFW Auto Show in Fort Worth.

Chevy’s first mass market all-electric vehicle comes with a price tag of $37,500 without federal tax incentives. Those could take it down to around $30,000. Not cheap to be sure. But will Chevy actually make any money?

Well, according to a report in The Detroit News, the answer is no. Chevy expects to loose about $9,000 on every electric Bolt sold.

chevrolet bolt

While the automaker doesn’t seem terribly worried, as that’s expected with the emerging electric vehicle market, there will also be more limited production than we thought.

Bolt’s initial launch in late-2016 will be limited to California and Oregon. Don’t expect it to roll out to other markets quickly either.

All of this is leaving analysts wondering how GM expects to compete with the Tesla Model 3 or even if it really plans to at all. But one thing is certain, GM is focused on California because if it meets strict emissions there, it will meet them anywhere.

chevrolet bolt

chevrolet bolt
Photo Credit: Car Pro/NewspressUSA
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