GM to Recall 2013 Malibu Ecos for Airbag Issue – Car Pro News

General Motors says it will recall its 2013 Malibu Eco mild hybrid for a problem with the air bag electronics, Reuters has reported.

The car is Chevy’s redesigned midsize sedan with the so-called e-Assist hybrid powertrain also used on the Buick. On sale in January, the Malibu Eco is the only model of the redone already on sale. Conventional gas-engine 2013s are coming, but the other Malibus on sale now are the 2012 last-generation models.

Beginning next month GM will notify owners of 4,304 Malibu Eco to bring them to dealers for new software for the computer module that controls the air bags.

GM says that in an extreme turn, the side-curtain air bags might go off and that roof rail in other situations the car’s air bags and seat-belt pre-tensioners might not deploy, according the report.

GM says it found the issue in testing the car for extreme maneuvers and describes both situations as rare, GM says it has no reports of crashes or injuries.


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