GM Recalls Chevy Malibu

GM logoGeneral Motors Co. said it is issuing two new recalls for newer Chevrolet Malibu cars to fix wiring that has been linked to two fires and problems with the heating and air conditioning controls.

The Detroit automaker said it is recalling 14,930 2013 Chevrolet Malibus worldwide with the eight-way power front seat and passenger seat option. GM said the wiring harness may wear against the frame, which could result in the insulation of a circuit on the wiring wearing through to the conductor and a short to the grounded seat frame may occur. It could result in the unintended movement of the seat, sparking, flickering lights, melted wiring, smoke or a fire in an unattended vehicle.

GM is aware of two unattended fires that extinguished on their own. There are no known crashes or injuries associated with this condition. Dealers repair the wiring harness if necessary. All but 20 are in the United States.

GM is also recalling 44,406 2014 Malibu sedans because the heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls may not operate properly when the vehicle is turned on. If the HVAC control is not operating, the system will revert to the setting selected when the vehicle was last driven.

“If that setting was not on defrost mode, it cannot be selected and the driver may be unable to clear the windshield, which could lead to decreased visibility. GM knows of no crashes, injuries or complaints due to the condition. Dealers will reprogram the HVAC control module at no charge,” GM said.

The recall includes about 42,000 in the U.S. and about 1,000 in Canada and 676.


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