GM Recalls Nearly 780,000 SUVs; 56 Injury Reports


After 56 reported injuries, GM is recalling 779,023 SUVs globally for a power liftgate defect. The issue is that the liftgate is falling on people due to faulty gas struts. Dirt can get into the gas struts that hold up the gate, causing them to wear and fail, the company says.

The recall affects 686,287 vehicles in North America and includes models from 2007 through 2012 across GM brands. Specifically, the vehicles being recalled are 2008-12 Buick Enclaves, 2009-12 Chevrolet Traverses, 2007-12 GMC Acadias, and 2007-10 Saturn Outlooks.

These are the vehicles that have the safety liftgate defect due to the placement of the gas struts. GM says that dirt gets caught in the gas struts which causes excessive wear on the lift rods that normally lower the gate in a slow and controlled fashion back to a closed position, but once worn from the dirt, are unable to detect and stop the gates from falling.

The automaker reports that SUVs made after March 1, 2012 have liftgate systems that were installed differently and are less susceptible to the problem. GM isn’t commenting on the nature of the injures, but so far there are no reported deaths.

Owners of the recalled vehicles will be notified by mail and will be able take their cars to GM dealerships for a replacement of the faulty struts and for an update to the liftgate control software that will prevent out of control closing. The updates are free of charge.

For more information, contact the NHTSA recall website.

Photo Credit: GM
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