GM Shows Off New “Rear Seat Reminder” System

Rear Seat Reminder alert

An important safety reminder as summer heats up.  

Drivers need to be extra vigilant when it comes to making sure kids and pets aren’t left in hot cars. It’s a topic that’s long been a passion of the Car Pro Show.

It’s been a deadly year already on that front. Child deaths in hot cars have nearly tripled this year, according to the National Safety Council, and we’re not even to July yet. 

Automakers are introducing new technology designed to combat those deaths. Earlier this year, we told you about the new safety system General Motors developed to help prevent child deaths in hot cars.  It’s called the “Rear Seat Reminder” and earlier this month GM showed it off in as we head into the hottest months of the year. (GM says each year in the U.S., about half of the children under age 14 who die of in-vehicle heatstroke do so as a result of being forgotten.)

2017 GMC Acadia Rear Seat Reminder

The industry-first technology is debuting on the 2017 GMC Arcadia, which GM says is one of the most popular GM vehicles for buyers with children.

It’s a simply concept, really. The car reminds drivers to check the back seat in certain circumstances.

The system works by monitoring the Acadia’s rear doors. They activate when either rear door is opened and closed within 10 minutes before the vehicle is started, or if they are opened and closed while the vehicle is running. Under these circumstances, the next time the vehicle is turned off after a door activation, the Acadia will sound five audible warning chimes, similar to if you’ve left your keys in the ignition, and display a message in the dash that reads, “Rear Seat Reminder / Look in Rear Seat.”

It’s important to note, the system doesn’t actually detect the presence of a child in the rear seat. It’s an extra reminder to look in the rear seat, regardless of what may be there.

While the new GM system can’t actually sense if a child has been left behind, GM says it could eventually add that capability.

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Photo Credit: GM
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