GMC Wants You To Think The Yukon Denali Is ‘Sharp’

GMC ad

GMC is working on its image, and to that end, the automaker wants us to know its trucks and SUVs look sharp. This week, it launched a new ad spot featuring fashion designer Michael Bastion, known for his namesake label and work with brands such as GANT. It’s the third ad in GMC’s Precision campaign launched earlier this year, designed to market GMC as a more premium SUV, truck and crossover option.

The new ad “Sharp” tries to tie the idea of a sharply dressed man, which would be Bastian, to the sharp features in the Yukon Denali. It was filmed on the streets of New York City. GMC also created a short film called “The Sharp American” which includes Bastian. It will be screened during New York Fashion Week: Men’s, which takes place in NYC this July.

“Attention to detail, precision and craftsmanship are at the core of the GMC brand and there are obvious similarities between the design of our vehicles and the precision and craft which go into other aspects of premium design,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “We enjoyed exploring these parallels with Michael Bastian and in the film, ‘The Sharp American’.”

The campaign and film are designed to highlight GMC’s refinement and craftmanship, something GMC plans to push over the next decade.

Said Bastian: “I was excited when GMC approached me with this opportunity to explore this concept of ‘sharpness’ and the design parallels between our two worlds. As a luxury brand, we understand the necessity for attention to detail and craft in everything we do, much like GMC. As we put the finishing touches on our upcoming Spring ’16 runway show at the first dedicated New York Men’s Week, GMC gave us an invaluable perspective on how a premium brand outside of fashion explores cut, detail, and precision.”

The “precision matters” campaign is the first major revamp since the brand debuted the “We Are Professional Grade” tagline in 2000.   The first two spots in the series were dedicated to sports and athletic performance. “Fastball” featured San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt and “Swish” featured Golden State Warriors basketball forward Harrison Barnes.

The entire campaign is part of a huge new media effort for GMC. According to AdWeek, GM says it will double GMC’s media spending for 2015 amid a long-term plan to grow the brand in the next 10 years. That’s a marked shift from recent years when media spending has been relatively frugal. Last year, an Automotive News review found that GMC’s advertising spending per unit sold, $388, was the lowest among the 13 largest automotive brands in 2013.

Photo Credit: GMC



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