Google: 2014 Top 10 Searched Car Brands    

If you searched for a Ford online this year, you weren’t alone. The brand topped the Google Trending Cars list for 2014.

With the introductions of an all-new Ford Mustang and the radical aluminum-bodied F-150 pickup making news all over the place, the result probably isn’t a surprise.

In fact, according to a separate report from, state by state, the F-150 was the most-searched vehicle, with the Mustang tops in the second most states.

Overall, according to Google, the top 10 most searched brands this year are as follows:

1. Ford

2. Jeep

3. Dodge

4. Toyota

5. General Motors

6. Subaru

7. Honda

8. Nissan

9. BMW

10. Tesla

Photo Credit: Ford
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