Happy Birthday, Chevy!

Chevrolet and later just Chevy. It all began in 1911, based on a car by French race driver Louis Chevrolet, Chevy now is so insinuated into American culture that ads comparing it to hot dogs and apple pie go unchallenged.
As Chevy and parent General Motors celebrate its 100th anniversary today— the documents establishing Chevrolet were completed Nov. 3, 1911 — it’s sometimes easy to overlook how truly remarkable it is that Chevy survived this long, given its early uphill battles with richer Ford, and a century of other trials.
It’s much harder to look ahead for hints whether the old, traditional car brand that makes seven of every 10 GM vehicles sold in the U.S. will be nimble and innovative enough to survive another 100 years.
Interestingly, there’d be no Chevrolet without Ford. Chevy was started 100 years ago as a rival to the Model T, the original “popularly priced, made-in-America vehicle” that Henry Ford had rolled out in 1908.
Now Chevy, Ford and Toyota perennially battle to be the best-selling vehicle brand in the U.S. Chevy last was tops in 2005. The three, plus Nissan, are the four truly full-line brands sold in the U.S., offering the widest ranges of vehicle types, sizes, models and sizes.
Chevy is a full-line brand that sells everything from very small cars (Sonic, Spark) through specialty models (Corvette) to big trucks (Suburban SUV, Silverado pickup).
With high sales volumes and diverse lineups, the full-line brands make it practical for their parent companies to maintain products in many segments, any of which might explode into popularity — as SUVs did in the 1990s when buyers suddenly tired of minivans. Jeep and Ford were SUV pioneers, but late-arriving GM got traction because its Chevrolet brand was able to create credible competing models quickly.
The auto industry would not be the force it is today in the United States with the bow tie.
Check out this video of some great Chevy’s through the years…
Great Chevys through the years


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