Happy Five Star Carrollton Customer


My son was buying his first car by himself. He had done his research and already knew which car he wanted and how much to pay. I suggested he get a hold of BJ to deal with him. Being the independent person he is, he tried 3 times at other dealers with no success, getting the run around, not getting it for the price he wanted, the vehicle not in stock, etc. It was at the point where he felt like he was not going to be able to get the car he wanted, with the options, for the price.
He went to Five Star Carrollton and asked for BJ your Son. They didn’t have the car but found it at one of the other stores, and BJ gave it to him, told him what he would sell it for, no hassle, it was exactly where he wanted.
The entire experience makes us feel good about our buying experience because we left knowing we got a fair deal AND dealt with honest people.
Thanks again for changing the way we buy cars. I tell everybody about the Car Pro show. Congrats on the expansion.
Waco, TX


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