Henrik Fisker Debuts Force 1 Despite Aston Martin Threats

Fisker Force 1

Just when you’d thought you’d seen everything cool at the Detroit Auto Show, comes Henrik Fisker with a stunning sportster that’s apparently in Aston Martin’s crosshairs.

Fisker unveiled his latest supercar the VLF Force 1 V10 in Detroit Tuesday, despite reports that Aston Martin demanded him not to do so. Fisker used to work for Aston Martin and it seems they take issue with some of his design elements. Aston Martin reportedly says a top-down sketch of the car too closely resembles its DB10 car it designed for the James Bond film “Spectre.” Fisker, of course, disagrees.

The supercar is a $268,500 silver package that packs a 10-cylinder, 8.4 liter engine under the hood.

Fisker calls the 745-horspower machine “something a little extreme and different” and we’d call that an understatement.  It has 21-inch Perilli tires, Brembo brakes, in-car WiFi and of course, a champagne holder in the interior.

Force 1

Force 1 is actually under the newly formed VLF Automotive brand. It’s a joint venture between Fisker, auto engineering titan Bob Lutz and manufacturer Gilbert Villarreal.  These guys actually plan to build this thing, too, with production beginning in April. Production is expected to be limited to 50 sportsters.

Meanwhile, Fisker isn’t too happy with his former employer. He has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Aston Marin accusing it of “trying to intimidate me to prop up their own flailing company”. He is seeking $100 million in damages.


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