America’s Best-Selling Pickups Through September

Ford F150 Sign Best-Selling January Consumer Reports pickups

Usually by the end of the third quarter, we can tell which automaker will have the best-selling truck in America.  It is a foregone conclusion that if you have the best-selling truck, you’ll also have the #1 selling vehicle overall.

As I looked over the numbers through the end of September, there is no doubt Ford will once again have the #1 selling truck and vehicle for 2016, once again.  The race for #2 pickup is getting interesting.  For the month of September, Ram outsold Silverado.  While Chevy has a pretty substantial lead for the year, you have to figure Fiat Chrysler is smelling blood.

Here are your top-sellers in pickups through the first nine months of 2016:

  • Ford F-Series-595,656
  • Chevy Silverado-425,556
  • Ram-361,086
  • GMC Sierra-164,440
  • Toyota Tacoma-142,711
  • Toyota Tundra-84,822
  • Chevy Colorado-80,047
  • Nissan Frontier-69,388
  • GMC Canyon-27,206
  • Honda Ridgeline-12,747
  • Nissan Titan-10,974

Photo Credit: Ford
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