Here It Is, The $297,000 Bentley Bentayga First Edition

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Leave it to Bentley to launch its new Bentayga SUV as a special edition. That’s exactly what it did Monday when it debuted its First Edition Bentayga at a VIP party in, where else, but Los Angeles. And we must say, Bentley’s Range Rover fighter is a beauty. Plus, the First Edition even comes with a Breitling Watch.

“With the First Edition we have created the ultimate expression of the Bentayga’s spirit. It is equipped with an array of striking features that celebrate both the pioneering nature of the Bentayga and its unique abilities,” says Kevin Rose, Board Member for Sales and Marketing, Aftersales.

Bentley will only build 608 First Edition models. The number celebrates the Bentayga’s 608 metric horsepower from the brand new, Crewe-built, 6.0-liter, twin-turbo, W12, 12-cylinder, TSI engine. Bentley claims it is the world’s most powerful and fastest SUV with a zero to 60 mph time of 4.0 seconds and a top speed of 187 mph.

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The First Edition Bentayga is designed with special features including Union Jack badging, illuminated tread plates, and 22-inch black painted and polished wheels. The model comes in ten different paint colors. The interior features ‘Diamond with Diamond’ quilting, bespoke ambient lighting, Union Jack fascia badging, unique contrast stitching, embroidered seats, and “First Edition” embroidered on the seat backs.

First Edition Buyers can also choose one of three Bentayga First Edition Breitling watches worth between $10,000 and $21,000. The first of the three watches is the Emergency which features a dual frequency personal locator beacon. The second watch is the Cockpit B50 with an electronic multifunction caliber. The third watch is the Chronomat 38 and it’s designed for women.

The watches will be available later as optional equipment with the Bentayga for customers who don’t get the one of the first edition models. All three include officially chronometer-certified Breitling movement, all-black case, black mother-of-pearl dial, bronze toned hands that match the first Bentayga publicly presented, and a rubber strap that matches the Bentayga’s interior elements.

The First Editions arrive in May and at $297,400, the price is quite a bit higher than the standard model which will start at $229,100. The standard Bentayga will come in 17 colors, 15 interior trim options, and six optional lifestyle packages. It also comes standard with polished metal, veneered wood, leather upholstery, and a panoramic sunroof.

Photo Credit: Bentley



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