Hogs Cause Serious Wreck on Speedy Texas Tollway

Hogs cause wreckA North Texas family is lucky to be alive after rolling their vehicle 10 times along SH 130 near Lockhart. The family was traveling along the highway last Friday when they struck a pack of feral hogs.

“We must have rolled and flipped for 300 feet before the car finally landed on the driver’s side,” David Anderson told KXAS, the Dallas NBC affiliate.

The family was expecting a fast, smooth ride on the recently opened toll road down to South Padre.

“I just remember, I’m not going to live through this,” Jackie Anderson said to KXAS, “there’s no way I’m living through this.”

The new toll way has the highest speed limits in the US, some stretches reaching 85 mph.

“We had heard about the new toll road and heard that it was almost no traffic,” Jackie said.

Instead, it became a night that almost killed an entire family, as their car went down the highway and crashed.

“All of the sudden, it seems like I was 100 feet from them when I noticed it,” David said.

The group of hogs caught the family by surprise.

“Thirty hogs, in a pack, in the middle of the road, not moving,” Jackie said.

The scene required quick action from David.

“I made a split-second decision to just grip the steering wheel and just drive straight through them,” he said.

The four people inside, including the Anderson’s 5-week-old granddaughter survived.

“The baby had one little scratch on her face and that was it,” Jackie said.

One of the family’s two dogs inside the car did not survive the crash.

“She died in my arms,” Jackie said. “That’s not a small thing to me. She was like family.”

Jackie Anderson suffered serious injuries to her whole body. They are injuries the family said could have, and should have been avoided.

“They have no lights, no warning, and left the speed limit at 85,” Jackie said. “They literally had me drive into a death trap.”

Jackie said if she would have seen a warning sign, she would have found a new road.

“Knowing that I could’ve seen one light bar that said, ‘careful, feral hogs,’ then I would’ve taken a different route. It just makes me sick,” she said.

The Andersons are fearful for other families as the summer approaches and as the hogs breed. They hope something will be done to make the road safer and are calling for better safety measures.

  1. John Wright 6 years ago

    Only the start. That speed limit is ridiculous. The road never should have been built, they should have built high speed rail instead.

    • D L 6 years ago

      There’s nothing wrong with either the road or the speed limit.

      Perhaps the Andersons should drive more slowly on roads they are not familiar with.

  2. TallTexAustin 6 years ago

    Little sympathy from me. Hogs, Deer, Cows, Horses, dogs, etc on any road are to be expected in rural areas of Texas, which 130 travels mostly through,…..Dude, take responsibility for your own poor judgment and driving too fast with small kids in the car. Dogs like anyone should be buckled in. Even a small dog flying around interior of a car in a wreck could kill the humans in addition to the dog! Trying to blame the toll road folks is ridiculous.

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