Honda Recalling Odysseys Due to Lift-Gate Problems – Car Pro News

Honda is voluntarily recalling 45,800 Odyssey minivans to fix the struts that hold up the power lift-gate in back so it won’t accidentally fall and conk people on the head, hand or some other body part.

The recall covers 2008 and early-2009 Odyssey EX-L and Touring minivans. The problem involves two gas-filled struts that hold up the power lift-gate. If the lift-gate struts fail, it “may result in the tailgate closing under its own power, possibly unexpectedly, with the potential risk of injury and inconvenience to customers,” Honda says in a statement.

That’s a photo of the 2008 model, above. To give you an idea of what the lif-tgate looks like, we show the 2011 model at right that’s not covered by the recall.

Two customers have been injured. Odyssey owners will start receiving notifications by mail next month, according to Honda.


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