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A lot of people prefer full-size spare tires to the tiny temporary ones, but in an odd twist, Honda has had to define the big spare as a safety problem and offer to replace it with a compact, temporary-use spare tire.
The automaker is recalling 206 of its Ridgeline pickups, 2011 and 2012 models, because they mistakenly were equipped with full-size spares used on export models, not the mini-spare tire used in the U.S. market.
The problem comes because the full-size-spare-equipped Ridgelines came with information cards meant for mini-spares. Thus key facts such as proper tire pressure are incorrect.
Safety no-no, per federal rules. If the tire information placard and the installed spare tire do not match, Honda will either provide customers with a compact spare tire that matches the information included on the originally installed tire information placard or install a new placard that reflects the spare tire that was installed at the factory.
The Ridgeline sold in the United States normally is factory-equipped with a compact spare tire. In affected vehicles, a full-sized spare tire specified for certain export markets may have been mistakenly installed. …
For these vehicles, the tire size and recommended cold inflation pressure for the installed (full-size) spare tire are not correctly displayed on the vehicle’s tire-information placard, and thus the tire-information placard does not comply with FMVSS requirements. No crashes or injuries have been reported.
Honda is announcing this recall to encourage owners of all affected vehicles to take their trucks to an authorized dealer as soon as they receive notification of this recall from Honda. Mailed notification to customers will begin in mid-February 2012. In addition to contacting customers by mail, in mid-February, owners of these vehicles will be able to determine if their vehicles require inspection by going on-line to or by calling (800) 999-1009, and selecting option 4.


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