“Hot Wheels” Camaro Coming! Car Pro News

Talk about a big toy for big boys and girls.
Chevrolet is introducing a limited edition Hot Wheels Camaro trim level next year, which marks the first official tie-up between the toymaker and an automaker.
The $6,995 option will be available on both V6 and V8-powered Camaro models and features exclusive blue paint with black center stripe, red-line trimmed five-spoke rims, blue flame decals on the rear fenders and red Hot Wheels logos inside and out. A Camaro ZL1-style grille and spoiler along with black lower bodywork extensions complete the appropriately exaggerated look.
Chevy isn’t putting a specific cap on the number of cars to be sold, but will only build them during the first quarter of the year, so get ’em while they last.
2013 is the 45th anniversary of the launch of Hot Wheels, which kicked off with a lineup of 16 cars in 1968, including the Custom Camaro, now affectionately known as the “Sweet Sixteen” and highly prized by collectors.
We’ll have to stop by a Mecum auction in 2058 to see how this one fares among them.


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