How To Become A Car Pro Dealer

At Car Pro, Jerry and his staff makes sure each Car Pro Certified Dealer consistently demonstrates the following best business practices:

  1. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP: Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro, has a personal relationship with the dealer and/or Senior Management to assure that you, the Car Pro Friend, will be treated the same as if it was Jerry’s own dealership.
  2. COMMITMENT TO THE CAR PRO PROMISE: Each Car Pro Certified dealer is committed to delivering on the Car Pro Promise of you having an outstanding car buying experience and special Car Pro Pricing.
  3. TOP RANKINGS IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INDEX (CSI): Each Car Pro dealer consistently achieves the top 10% in CSI by the factory for their particular make.
  4. INTEGRITY IN ADVERTISING: Car Pro dealers do not and will not participate in deceptive or misleading advertising in any form.
  5. ACCOUNTABILITY: Car Pro dealers value the ongoing customer reviews and feedback that they receive from the Car Pro Community through Facebook feeds, direct e-mails, Twitter, Linked In, and on Additionally, a Car Pro certified dealer has a 10-day maximum reconciliation period to resolve a problem with an unsatisfied member of the Car Pro Community, and to deliver on the Car Pro Promise.
  6. TRAINING:  Car Pro dealers practice ongoing training to assure that the Car Pro best practices are being taught within all areas of the dealership.

Find out more about how your dealership can become a Car Pro Certified Dealer for your area. Contact Tom Haynes  713.478.0765 or


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