Hyundai Connects Daughter To Space Station Dad

Hyundai Message

Love really is out of this world big. At least that is the reality for Stephanie, whose father is living aboard the International Space Station. So Hyundai decided to help the 13-year-old Houston teen send him a message the best way it knew how, and that’s by using its Genesis sedan, or make that sedans.

No, no jetpacks were used to send Stephanie’s message, but it did take 11 Genesis sedans dancing across the sand of Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada in “perfect synchronization” to carve out a message she’d written for her father.

“He’s gone a lot,” Stephanie says, making a huge understatement, considering he lives up in the stars for months at a time.

The project was also fittingly international with experts working on it from Korea, Europe, and the United States. Stephanie even realized the enormity of the project saying in the video that the message had, “to be as big as the city that I live in now. That’s as big as his picture can zoom in.”

As you can see by watching the video, Hyundai did it. A team of drivers created a message that spanned about one and a half times the size of Central Park. In fact, it also received the Guinness World Records award as the largest tire-track image ever. The final product spanned 2.1 square miles.

The best part? Dad saw it and Stephanie exclaimed that, “It looks just like my handwriting!”

“He’s seen so many amazing things up there, but I hope this message was the most special.”  We’d have to say it’ll certainly be hard to top. “It might make him miss us even more, miss Earth,” Stephanie adds. 

Hyundai calls the highly successful marketing campaign “A Message to Space”. The YouTube video has racked up over a million views since it was posted four days ago.

“Keeping in line with Hyundai Motor’s corporate vision of being a ‘lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond’, the campaign highlights our philosophy of caring for customers through emotional interaction and becoming a brand beyond simply a means of transportation,” Scott Noh, head of Hyundai Motor Co’s overseas marketing group said. “Although sending a message to space with our Genesis cars was not an easy challenge, it enabled us to demonstrate our caring vision to our customers.”

Hyundai has certainly proved that cars can connect people across the miles, even if those miles are separated by an atmosphere, space and a shooting star or two.

Photo Credit: Hyundai
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