Hyundai Expands Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Lineup

hyundai apple carplay 2016

If you drive a 2015 Hyundai Azera or 2016 Sonata, Veloster or Azera, and have been waiting for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, your wait is over.

Hyundai is adding smartphone integrations to those slightly older models, via a do-it-yourself installation. By that Hyundai means it’s a software update and it’s available now at If you don’t want to go it alone, you can take your car to a local dealer for the upgrade. But they’ll charge an installation fee.

The 2017 lineup, which includes the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport, will already come with CarPlay and Android Auto when they arrive at dealerships soon. The rest of Hyundai’s 2017 line up will get the smartphone compatibility at launch as well.

By the way, Apple is expected to make some big improvements and updates to CarPlay with the release of iOS 10 this fall. One cool update will be in Apple Maps. It will have a new “Parked Car” feature that tags the car’s location when the driver disconnects from Bluetooth or CarPlay. Until now, this is something you could only do through a third-party app.

Also, like Android Google, CarPlay will start integrating with some instrument clusters. This means drivers can see directions by looking straight in front of them, rather than looking on the center console screen.  The integration of course depends on the car and whether it offers a technologically advanced instrument cluster designed with display screens.

Photo Credit: Hyundai
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