‘Ice Car’ Freed From Its Frozen Shell On Lake Erie

#frozencar ice car frozen

Usually you just worry about a fuel line freezing during the winter. (Or your whole cooling system, if, say you haven’t taken care of your antifreeze.)

But this situation is something else entirely.

An entire car was encased in ice over the weekend when a winter storm moved over Western New York. This car happened to be parked by Lake Erie, and the combination of wind and precip didn’t do it any favors.

The Mitsubishi Lancer belongs to 24-year-old Justin Yelen, pictured below in a reporter’s tweet.  Apparently he left the car there while going out for drinks with friends last Sunday evening.

The good news (if there is any) is that the car encased in the ice is now finally thawing out. (Although we can’t say what state it will be in. )

The ice melted and crews from a local car dealership were able to dig the car out this afternoon.

Photo Credit: WKBW
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