In Memoriam: Kidd Kraddick

Kidd KraddickMany of you know Kidd Kraddick, a Dallas-based nationally syndicated talk show host who airs in many of the same cities as the Car Pro Show. Dave, as he was known to the people who were close to him, was synonymous with his charity, Kidd’s Kids. He passed away last Saturday in New Orleans attending a golf tournament for his charity. He was 53.

I met Kidd almost 20 years ago when he was only heard in Dallas Fort Worth on 106.1 KISS FM. He has held the #1 spot in radio ratings in this market for many years. He endorsed my Ford dealership for 8 years, and we became great friends. Shortly after our association, he asked my wife and me to be on the Board of Kidd’s Kids, and we remain there today.

Every year, Kidd would take 50 families or more on a trip to Disney World. To be eligible, you had to have a chronically or terminally ill child. The trip was first-class all the way and included the entire family, no matter how many siblings. The families were even given spending money.These children spent 5 days forgetting all the bad things that had happened in their lives. Many smiled for the first time in a long time.

Kidd worked tirelessly for his charity and changed the lives of thousands on a daily basis. I listened to his show every day not only be entertained, but to learn how to be a better broadcaster. Audiences in over 75 markets across the country surely felt a hole Monday morning when he would normally be on the air.

Today’s edition of this newsletter is dedicated to my friend Kidd Kraddick. My video of the week below is of one of the Disney World trips, I hope you can find 3 minutes to look at it.

If you are so inclined, please donate to this amazing charity. The website is

Kidd ended every show the same: Keep looking up, ‘cause that’s where it all is.

I now know, that’s true.
July 31, 2013


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