Indianapolis Police Officer Shot During Car Chase, Suspect Killed


An Indianapolis police officer is recovering after being shot Monday following a car chase that ended in a gun battle involving sixteen officers and an armed suspect.

The shootout broke out following a lengthy 25 minute car chase involving several squad cars.  Officers fired 200 rounds over four minutes, during which the suspect was killed.

It all started with a traffic stop. Police pulled over an Oldsmobile at a gas station believing it was connected to an armed robbery. (No word on whether it was or not.)

Video recorded by a witness at the gas station showed officers approaching the vehicle, asking 32-year-old Jeff Cornell Tyson to leave the car. When he refused to do so, one officer launched pepper-ball cartridges through the driver’s side window, filling the car with smoke.

A passenger bailed out of the car and took off, but was soon taken into custody. The woman told police she was Tyson’s wife. She was released from custody.

Tyson then took off in the car according to police, made a U-turn and started firing at the pursuing officers. One officer was shot and another was hurt by flying debris.

Police say they tried disabling Tyson’s car with spike strips several times, but he continued driving across town, even after a tire blew out.

The suspect was killed in a final shootout with police.

The shooting follows recent fatal ambush attacks on police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Photo Credit: Fox59
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