Infiniti Gran Turismo Races From Video Game To Reality

Infiniti Vision GT Concept

Who says cool race cars can’t jump from the video game world into reality. Infiniti’s just turned the Gran Turismo virtual racing car into a real life concept car.  The Concept Vision Infiniti Gran Turismo made its real world debut last week at the inaugural Infiniti Design Night before the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. Until now, it had only existed in the popular Sony PlayStation racing game GT6.

Here’s how it went down. Infiniti held a global design competition to develop a car for Gran Turismo 6, a futuristic and popular PlayStation 3 video game. Infiniti designers were charged to “design a pure Infiniti GT car.” A 29-year-old up-and-coming Infiniti designer from the automaker’s new Beijing studio took the cake.

“When we started thinking thinking about this Gran Turismo we thought how can we leverage the learning that we have from F1 and bring it into a GT car. How do we make a GT car that is born from the track but also lives with the romance of racing. So it was a great collaboration with all the studios, but the final design was selected from our Beijing Studio,” says Alfonso Albaisa, Executive Design Director of Global Infiniti Design.

The design started with hand sketching, which was then refined digitally, refined again by hand sculpting, and then returned to digital for final refinement. Building it took eight months and teams from across the globe.

“The fact that our new Beijing studio won the internal competition for the Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo demonstrates their forward thinking and their strong capabilities in terms of advanced design. This is a great first step in applying Chinese design trends to our brand and bodes very well for future production model designs,” says Albaisa.

“In this newly born design studio, young designers of China learn the heritage of Infiniti, gain an understanding of the language of Infiniti form and they instilled this car with their desires in the shape of a beast,” says Kazunori Murabayashi, Associate Design Director.

As you might imagine, there are Chinese influences in its design. The fluid movement and the delicate gradation of the body are inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy and landscape paintings.

The Concept Vision GT isn’t slated for production, but it’s some great eye candy.

Photo Credit: Infiniti
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