Infiniti QX50 Concept Previews What’s To Come

infiniti QX50

Infiniti’s hottest-selling model is about to finally get a bonafide makeover.

It’s in the form of the QX50 Concept headed to next month’s Detroit Auto Show. Concept is a bit misleading though because the model is likely pretty close to what the production version will look like. It not only previews the next-generation SUV but also showcases the brand’s self-driving technology.

infiniti QX50

Infiniti gave the QX50 a bit of a facelift last year adding more standard features and a longer wheelbase.

The next-generation concept of the model gets more aggressive and takes inspiration from the crazy QX Sport concept from earlier this year.  The QX50 looks like a twin of the Sport. It does have side mirrors though. Other visual differences are spotted in the front and rear as well as the side skirts. The sides get the classic aluminum faux skid plate look and the fenders go a simple matte black.

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The concept also introduces Infiniti’s ProPilot system. The semi-autonomous features help the driver without removing him or her all together. The system comes with stop-and-go highway traffic control. Meaning it knows how to hold a distance between the car and front and drive inside the lanes. We’ll have to a wait a bit for more details on the tech.

infiniti QX50

As for the powertrain, a 2.0-liter inline four is under the hood and offers 268-horses and 288 pound-feet of torque. It uses the company’s innovative variable compression turbocharging. Infiniti says the system boosts fuel efficiency by 27% over the current V6. We’ll have to wait and see whether the production model gets this engine or not.

Another change to the QX50 is a shift from rear-wheel to front-wheel drive. Also four-wheel drive could be either standard or optional.

Sales of the current QX50 are up 272.3 percent year to date. Infiniti sold 14,947 of them through November.

Photo Credit: Infiniti
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