Infiniti Targets Young Buyers With New Q30

Infiniti Q30 t

Infiniti is going compact for the first time ever. The automaker is bringing the Q30 concept of two years ago into fruition at the Frankfurt International Motor Show this September. For now, we’ll have to settle for one teaser pic that shows a hatchback coupe design aimed at younger buyers.

“Research among the new generation of buyers – with Gen X and Gen Y to represent 80 percent of the market – shows an increasing rejection of traditional notions toward premium cars. These buyers are less willing to connect size, presence and high-output power as key ingredients of the premium product. Rather, they’re looking more for balance, great design and outstanding execution,” says Michael Bartsch, vice-president, Infiniti Americas.

He adds, “Younger and younger-minded premium customers inspired the Q30 Concept design team. They feel their lives are no longer aligned to one straight line in terms of career or lifestyle. Today is more about fluidity than rigidity, and that offers the freedom not to follow the norms important to a previous generation. The Infiniti Q30 Concept’s vision is to be the ideal car for them.”

Infiniti is calling the new Q30 “segment-spanning” as it seeks to fulfill this ideal. The design features a premium vehicle with that combines the convenience of a hatchback with the fluid lines of a coupe. Infiniti is currently keeping those sporty lines are under wraps with the release of a spy-like photo that shows the production Q30 in camouflage.

Underneath the camouflage, the interior from the concept features highly sculptural shapes with Infiniti’s “dual wave” design effect that seeks to create premium quality through dissymmetry. This unconventional approach is reflected in the everything from the air vents and armrests to the instrument panel.

In an interview, Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director, says, “In the premium world there’s a crowd that is chasing a certain distinctiveness. So we must police ourselves. Police our inspiration to make sure that the things we dream capture the sense of rarity. So I lean on rarity rather than distinctiveness.”

Few new details are being released, but Infiniti does note that it is in the final stages of preparation and that  it is currently undergoing dynamic validation and tuning throughout the UK and the mainland of Europe. Powertrain and pricing remain unknown, but we can expect more details as the Frankfurt show draws closer.

The Q30 is expected to arrive in U.S. showroom at the beginning of 2016.

Photo Credit: Infiniti
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