Inside Look: Last Weekend of the Month!

Car sale

This is it, the last weekend of October! Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me “is the end of the month really the best time to buy?”

It’s a tough question because listeners to the Car Pro Show get everyday low prices. With that said, the mindset of the dealers change in the final days of the month. Inside a dealership, you have a lot of people trying to hit numbers, dealers trying to outsell their competitors, and in general an overall BIG PUSH to finish a month as good as possible. In the car business, there is a saying: You are only as good as your last month.

This year, the dealers will feel even more pressure to make deals this weekend, with Halloween falling on the final day of the month.

Trade-in values magically get better, dealers work harder for the best interest rates, and if you are credit challenged, dealers and lenders work harder for approvals at this time of the month.

Bottom line…if you are paying cash for a car, have no trade-in, and are going to one of the Car Pro Show dealers for the special pricing, the end of the month probably won’t benefit you. For everyone else, you’ll save money, and in some cases, BIG money.

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