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Minicars and cars with big engines have the most frequent insurance claims for injuries to their occupants, while high-end sports cars and other luxury vehicles have the most expensive claims for damage, a study released today found.
“For consumers concerned about insurance premiums, this information is key,” said Kim Hazelbaker, senior vice president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway Loss Data Institute, which has been studying claims data for the past 40 years.
“A lot of things go into your premium — your age, place of residence, driving record, sometimes even your credit history,” she said. “The kind of vehicle you buy is the one factor that a consumer can control in the short term.”
In a review of 2009-2011 vehicles, the Porsche 911 had the lowest personal injury claims, while the Toyota Yaris had the highest frequency of personal injury claims. It was followed by the Suzuki Sx4 and Chevrolet Aveo.
Others with low personal injury claims were Ford’s F-150 4WD pickup, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD.
High end sports cars, luxury vehicles and less expensive cars with big engines have higher-than-average collision claims.
“Naturally, expensive cars cost more to fix, which is why they have such high collision losses,” Hazelbaker said. “Meanwhile, cars marketed for their powerful engines tend to crash more often, a phenomenon partly explained by the type of drivers they attract and by the style of driving they lend themselves to.”
Among new models, the $196,000 Ferrari California convertible tops the list for highest overall collision losses, with an average loss of $2,132 per insured vehicle per year, seven times the average for all vehicles. The high losses are driven entirely by the Ferrari’s average cost per claim of $82,112.

  1. Matthew Miller 3 years ago

    What company have you recomended for a title seach, damage etc. like car fax.

    • Michele Sanders 3 years ago

      I use and find them to be the most reliable.

      Best of luck to you!

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

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