Irritable? Ford Claims Its Headlights Can Improve Mood

irritable headlights

So do you find yourself a little irritable on your evening commute? Well, if so, apparently there are some headlights for that.

Ford claims that its F-150 ‘Crystal Diamond Lights’ are so good they actually “reduce irritability”.

How, you ask? Well, Ford says the LED lights make it easier to see the surrounding area. The diamond-like facets are designed to disperse broad, even lighting, so drivers are less stressed and in a better mood. (We have to say, we’re for anything that can reduce things like road rage.)

Basically, researchers say it all comes down to psychology.

“We know that gradients and homogeneity affect people’s moods,” said Arun Kumar, Ford optics expert and design engineer. “We also know the eye wants to focus on contrast changes and other inconsistencies in lighting – it’s an automatic function of the brain that can irritate mood.”

Oh, and they also improve efficiency by up to 62 percent while they’re at it.

“The efficiency of this lighting not only helps to stabilize the psyche, but also has the potential to affect global environmental savings,” said Kumar. “As we democratize this lighting innovation to a broader audience, the impact could be significant, with millions of gallons of fuel potentially saved on a global scale.”

The headlights debuted on the Ford F-150 and will soon end up on other models like the new Ford Fusion.

Photo Credit: Ford
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