Is This Electric I.D. Concept VW’s Next Microbus?

vw id concept

This could be it folks. You could just be looking at the preview of VW’s next microbus.

The automaker is giving us a peek of the next electric vehicle in its I.D. lineup. From the looks of things, it bears a strong resemblance to the iconic 1950s Type 2 Microbus that became a cult-classic. We’ll see the full review at next month’s Detroit Auto Show.

For now here is what we know. The new as of yet-unnamed I.D concept will share the same platform as the I.D. hatchback recently unveiled in Paris. But as opposed to the Paris model’s one motor, the concept will have two along with rear-wheel drive. No numbers yet on the range.

vw id concept

As well as being electric, the I.D. concept is autonomous. It will switch to auto-pilot with the press of the VW logo on the steering wheel. The wheel then disappears into the dash and the Artificial Intelligence takes over using a mix of laser scanners, ultrasonic and radar sensors, and cameras to navigate safely.

The inside will be multi-functional, like the retracting steering wheel, and offer plenty of space for travel. According to VW’s release, it will match the travel idea with a long electric driving range.

The I.D. family should start arriving by 2020 with the hatchback. An I.D. microbus could come in 2021.

vw i.d. concept

Photo Credit: Volkswagen


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