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Yes, it is here again. The end of the month and as always, the best time to get a new or used car! As I have told you in the past, the deals get even better, the trade allowances get higher, and even the lenders get more lenient with low rates and more approvals for those with less than perfect credit.

Also in your favor, dealers will be thinking volume, not profit, through Tuesday. If you want to get in on the end of month deals, just drop me a quick email (, tell me what kind of vehicle you want, and I’ll set it up for you!

  1. RALPH 6 years ago

    Hey Jerry,
    When does the car lot sales people get it?? I veered from my standing approach to never go onto a car lot to view a vehicle unless they are closed or at the very end of the day when the place is almost vacant. I had a free evening and I decided to go physically look at a couple of new model cars. What a pain in the rear. I pulled into a car lot and first of all I noticed the pack lurking around the front of the facility. Of course one approached me and I explained I had a little time on my hands and I wanted to look at a specific car. He naturally pointed me into the direction but then commenced the sales speech on me about the dealership, etc, etc..and about the other brands they had on sale, etc. The next car lot was even worse they sent one person over and after I disposed of him then another one approached about 5 min. later with a different approach. How do you view a car on a car lot and dismiss the sales person gratefully??? Looking at the Chevy Cruze & the Honda Accords..

  2. RALPH 6 years ago

    With my previous post. At the end I meant ‘Gracefully’ not ‘gratefully’….. No wonder they won’t leave me alone……LOL

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