Jaguar F-Pace Debut Sets Guinness World Record

You’ve got to hand it to Jaguar. It’s an automaker that knows how to put on a show and this might just be its biggest yet — topping the Jaguar XF live wire act earlier this year. To celebrate its 80th birthday, the automaker put its new Jaguar F-Pace crossover through the hoops so to speak, with a Guinness Record setting, gravity defying, loop the loop run. It all went down at the Frankfurt Auto Show with legendary stunt driver Terry Grant at the wheel.

“Driving the world’s largest loop tonight was a very proud moment in my career. The F-Pace’s supreme performance credentials and rigid lightweight structure gave me complete confidence that I had the strength and driving agility needed. I am delighted to bring the Guinness World Record back to the UK and help Jaguar run rings around their competitors ahead of the motor show tomorrow,” says Terry Grant.

“The F-Pace is a family car that is fast, fun and full of charisma, so completing the world’s’ largest loop the loop was the perfect reveal moment. The F-Pace is packed full of innovative technology and features the world’s most-advanced in-car entertainment system, matched with super-fast wi-fi connectivity. Customers are going to go loopy for the Jaguar F-Pace,” says Fiona Pargeter, Global PR Communications Director, Jaguar Land Rover.

The F-Pace features Lightweight Aluminum Architecture that is clearly Jag with a bold front grille, the Jaguar signature bulging hood, streamlined headlights, and sporty powerful lines.

Beneath the hood bulge you get a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine paired to AWD and eight-speed automatic transmission. Drivers can choose between the base 340 horsepower or a supercharged system with 380 horses, which goes from zero to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. There is also a 180 horsepower four-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine option that will be joining the lineup later.

“The Jaguar F-Pace is an SUV with the soul of a sports car. When we created this car we thought differently; we took a Jaguar sports car and made it family friendly. The F-Pace exudes performance yet you can fit five people and all their belongings in it. This is a car for people who love driving, who love design and who love technology – this is the ultimate practical sports car,” says Ian Callum, Director of Design for Jaguar.

There’s no shortage of cool tech either. The F-Pace comes with a forward-facing stereo camera that gives a 3D view of the road and connects to the Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Keep Assist systems.

It goes on sale in the spring with a base price of $42,390 for the V6 and $40,990 for the diesel.

Photo Credit: Jaguar


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