Jaguar, Shell Launch First In-Car Gas Payment App

jaguar shell in-car payment

The latest app in the car world is getting us really pumped up. Literally. 

Jaguar and Shell are joining forces on a new app that allows you to pay for your gas right from your car’s touch screen. That’s right. You can pay at the pump without getting out of your car. (Although, sorry, you still have to get out to pump it.)

All you have to do is install the Shell app into your Jags infotainment system. It then works by connecting to your PayPal or Apple Pay account. (Note: Android Pay will join the payment options soon.)

You just open up the app on the Jaguar touchscreen, find your nearest Shell station then enter the gas pump number you’re at and filler ‘up. At the end you confirm the amount and it shows you a digital receipt.

You can see exactly how it works below.

The app is available on the latest 2018 F-Pace, XF, and XE models. Jaguar says the feature will spread across its lineup along with the new Jaguar InControl system. New Land Rovers with InControl will also offer it.

Also, at first, the technology will only be available in the United Kingdom only before launching in other markets. It arrives there on February 15th.

If this sounds new to you you’re right. It’s a first for in-car convenience technology. We’ll have to wait and see how many other car and gas companies join.

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Photo Credit: Jaguar
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