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One of the biggest cheers in the latest James Bond flick, Skyfall, comes when 007, played by Daniel Craig, reveals his car of choice.
It’s the iconic Aston Martin DB5, of course. The DB5 is the silver sports car that Bond, er, Sean Connery, first drove in Goldfinger five decades ago, complete with machine guns that poke out under the headlights and a button that releases the oil slick. The car has become synonymous with Bond. In the film, Craig even mulls hitting the car’s famous eject button when 007’s matronly boss M, played by Judi Dench, continues to annoy him.
Director Sam Mendes tells USA TODAY that he and the movie’s team of writers were just giddy about the prospect of bringing the original Bond car back to the big screen.
“It was me, John Logan and the writers collectively channeling our 12-year-old selves,” says Mendes. “I think there was no one in the room who didn’t want that. The question was how to do it that was organic to the movie and doesn’t take away from it.”
They found a way in the movie which focuses not only to Bond’s beginnings, but also dealing in a world gone mad with modern technology.
Daniel Craig fell in love with the classic cars that were used. “I love them, and this story was the perfect platform to re-introduce the DB5,” Craig says in a statement. “The film is about Bond returning to his roots and confronting old demons, so it felt right. We get some good use out of it, too.”


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