Jay Leno Takes a Spin in a 1929 Packard Boattail Speedster

packard jay leno

You’re about to be introduced to a guy who really really really loves the Packard Speedster. So much so he built his very own 1929 Packard Boattail roadster, decades after first laying eyes on one in a magazine.

Jerry Miscevich paid a visit to Jay Leno’s garage recently where the pair filmed a segment for Leno’s TV show. The car aficionados talk about building old cars and why Miscevich just couldn’t let go of his dream of owning a Packard Speedster.

Miscevich says the one he saw in the magazine was a test car for Jesse Vincent, Packard’s chief engineer. So in other words, unless money started growing on trees, there’s no way Miscevich could get his hands on the original. That’s when he decided to just build one himself.

He started the project in 1997. Now nearly two decades later he sits behind the wheel of his very own Packard Boattail. He started with a 626 chassis from a Super 8. From there he collected as many original Packard parts as he could and then fabricated ones that were unavailable. He spent years researching and assembling the car to get everything just right.

Check out the cool story below. Twenty years of dreaming, plus 20 years of hard work really paid off. Our hats off to the guy!

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