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Jeeps are fun all-purpose vehicles, not sinister, but Jeep noticed that enough buyers were tricking out their vehicles to make them look a little, well, evil, with blacked wheels and other touches.

That has led to a new Jeep line with the unexpected name of Altitude. “Attitude” would be more appropriate. So Jeep marketing chief came up with a compromise, calling them the “Altitudes with attitude.”

Instead of bouncing over mountaintops, the Altitudes are aimed at tearing around rough asphalt in cities. Jeep is focusing its Altitude marketing efforts in Los Angeles, Miami and Houston.

Interestingly, the Altitude name doesn’t appear on the vehicle. Morrison says that’s what potential customers solicited during the process of its creation wanted.

The Altitude package adds about $2,000 more, boosting the price of a Grand Cherokee to $35,795. The interiors are always black, but on the outside, the Altitude edition also comes in black, white and silver.


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