Jeep Outlines Next-Gen Wrangler Production Plans

Toledo Plant Chrysler jeep wrangler

There should be enough next-generation JL Jeep Wranglers to go around when they go on sale sometime in 2017 thanks to steps Jeep is taking to boost production capability at its Toledo, Ohio plant.

According to Automotive News, next year Jeep will move Cherokee production to another plant to make some upgrades in Ohio. The idea is to update the Toledo plant so it can build more vehicles – a whole lot more of them. The goal is to roll out 350,000 vehicles a year at the plant, around a 50 percent increase over current production levels.

Jeep boss Mike Manley says the plan is to keep production at the right pace so supply stays just behind demand. We can imagine Jeep doesn’t want a Dodge Challenger and Charger situation. FCA had to suspend sales of the 2015 Hellcats because it couldn’t keep up with demand.

Also, the company reportedly plans to continue making the current Wrangler, which is likely to become the Wrangler Classic, into the first quarter of 2018, about six months after production of the new one is set to begin.

A Wrangler-based pickup and a diesel-powered Wrangler are also expected to debut in 2018.

Photo Credit: Jeep
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