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It’s not stereos, air bags, mufflers or any of other weird things that thieves sometimes target. This time it’s whole doors. Jeep doors.
Police say thieves are targeting Jeep doors, with eight reported thefts in the region during January alone, the Associated Press reports.
Officers say the thefts occur at night, and suspects are taking both metal and soft doors. Doors on models like the Jeep Wrangler are meant to be easy to detach, one of the fun elements of the go-anywhere vehicles.
Authorities say it’s a new crime wave that has been reported across the country, with Jeep Wranglers a popular target. Officials say the stolen doors are then sold online, according to AP.
Police say Jeep owners can buy locking devices for less than $50. They also suggest that people who live in high-crime areas remove the doors from the vehicle.


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