Jerry’s Must-Watch Video: Ship Launch

Jerry: Have you ever seen a huge ship launched?  I had not and found it very interesting.  You see, they are made on land and have to go the water somehow, right?  This is not what I had in mind!

The video shows the launching of the “Greenland” on Oct. 31st, 2015 at the Ferus Smit shipyard in Westerbroek, NL. The M.V. ‘Greenland’ is a cement carrier. According to a press release, it’s one of the first ever dry cargo vessels with an LNG fueled propulsion system. This unique design incorporates a pressurized natural gas tank positioned in the foreship. While sailing on LNG, the vessel will meet the most stringent emission criteria, as well as new norms that might be in place in futures for environmental sensitive areas.

Photo Credit: Dennis McMayer/YouTube
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