Video of the Week: A Look Back at the Model T

1924 Ford Model T 10 Millionth Car - Quadricycle

Did you know that half the world’s cars were nearly identical Ford Model T’s during the mid 1920s? Or that the Model T was originally introduced with a price tag of $850, but later sold for as little as $260, because Henry Ford figured out how to save money with new innovations along the way? 

There’s a lot more cool history where that came from in Jerry’s video of the week!

Jerry: Here is a fascinating 5-minute look at the Ford Model T.  I never knew how versatile this car was, or how tough it was.  I hope you enjoy!

For its 100th anniversary, Ford Motor Company built six Model T’s, called T 100, based on the original 1914 model. There are no original Model T parts on these cars, but each is interchangeable with the original, including the hand crank located under the radiator. Top end speed of the T 100 is about 55 mph, and they get about 18 miles to the gallon in their nine-gallon tank, about the same as an original 1914 Model T.

Photo Credit: Ford
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