Jerry’s Video of the Week: Big Rig Snow Rescue

snow rescue

Jerry: A Ford pickup owner is getting national attention after becoming a good samaritan.

The driver, Chris Johnson, recently pulled a semi-truck up a snowy hill during a snow storm in Rochester, New York. 

Of course, it was caught on video, and you can see it here!

Johnson says he helped pull about 30 to 40 vehicles out of the snow. As you might imagine, video of his Ford Super Duty towing huge semi trucks out of deep snow turned viral and racked up thousands of views online. Ford got wind of it, too, and Johnson even received a call from CEO Mark Fields.

“I was kinda caught off guard,” Johnson told TCWNews. “They just thanked me, thanked me for being a Ford fan and good job and appreciate that business.”

Johnson bought his Ford used three years ago and told reporters he’ll probably buy a new one once he has the funds. And yes, it will be probably be a Ford. 

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