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Ford F150A couple weeks ago, Road & Track Editor-in-Chief, Larry Webster, went on The Tonight Show to help host Jimmy Fallon go through his truck-buying options. Then they did a shot. Friday night, Fallon made his pick: he’s buying a Ford F-150.
While Fallon will, as he’s said all along, purchase his own truck, Variety reports that an ad deal with the automaker may have helped seal the deal for the F-150. After telling his audience that he was going with the Ford, Fallon announced a contest called “Fingers on a Ford” to determine which dealer gets to sell him the car.
Next week, an F-150 will be placed on the deck of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Intrepid, and the dealers vying for the sale will have to keep their hands on the truck. The last one left touching it sells Fallon the F-150. The contest will be featured on The Tonight Show and with Ford sponsorship, according to Variety.


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