Judge Approves Nissan Leaf Battery Settlement

A protracted legal dispute over Nissan Leaf battery degradation has finally come to an end, guaranteeing replacement batteries for some owners.

A judge has approved a settlement in the case, three years after disgruntled owners in California and Arizona filed a class-action suit due to battery capacity loss over time. The problem was associated with operation in hot conditions, particularly when owners fully charged the battery rather than topping out at Nissan’s recommended 80 percent.

Owners cited Nissan’s claimed driving range of 100 miles as a misrepresentation that only held true for a short time in desert cities. One Leaf allegedly dropped to a maximum range of just 44 miles after a single year of use.

Nissan issued an extended battery warranty in 2012, however the company was merely ‘repairing’ degraded batteries to restore at least 70 percent of the original capacity. Attorneys successfully pushed for more concessions, and Nissan agreed to completely replace affected batteries for plaintiffs named in the suit, according to InsideEVs.

The company also agreed to provide 90 days of free charging via an EZ-Charge card, or a $50 check for owners in regions not served by the chosen charging network.

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