Judge Delays Hearing On 3.0-Liter VW Diesels

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More delays for Volkswagen 3.0-liter TDI diesel owners as the automaker, regulators and lawyers try to work things out behind the scenes.

The week, a U.S. District Judge delayed a court hearing on Volkswagen Group’s plan to address 80,000 polluting Audi, Porsche and VW 3.0-liter vehicles. A settlement’s already been reached for a larger group of 2.0-liter models with emissions cheating software. 

In a court order, the Judge pushed the court date to December 16th as negotiations continue between all the parties. The judge is apparently hoping for  “a resolution of the outstanding issues” by then. Let’s hope so, this has gone on way too long.

In mid-November, Reuters reported that VW had reached an agreement with U.S. regulators for a mix of buybacks and fixes for the 80,000 vehicles, but still needed to reach agreement on other issues including compensation for owners. The agreement includes a buyback offer for about 20,000 older Audi and VW SUVs and a software fix for 60,000 newer Porsche, Audi and VW cars and SUVs.

As we know all too well, the 2.0-liter diesel vehicles have hidden software that allowed them to cheat emissions testing. So the vehicles emitted up to 40 times the legally allowable emissions in on-road driving. The 3.0-liter vehicles have an undeclared auxiliary emissions system that allowed them to emit up to nine times allowable limits.

As part of a 3.0-liter vehicle settlement, Volkswagen is expected to pay additional funds into an environmental trust to offset excess emissions. This summer, the company agreed to pay $2.7 billion over three years to offset the pollution from the 2.0-liter vehicles. 

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