June’s Top 20 Cars By The Numbers

June marks a big milestone for Hyundai. The automaker, which just announced a partnership deal with the NFL, finally has a solid contender in the monthly top 20 vehicle list after having a tough time getting there.

The Elantra compact moved up from 17th place in May to 10th place in June, and that wasn’t the only big month-over-month change. In May, Hyundai sold 23,432 Elantras. In June, it moved 26,613 of them off sales lots.

Meanwhile, Chevy took a big fall with the Equinox, which hits right in the heart of the crossover craze that’s sweeping the auto industry right now. It fell from 11th place to 18th. In April, it had been seventh. So a big drop all in all, there.

Of course, there a lot of variables to auto sales which can vary month to month. They’re based of course on customer demand, but also whether automakers are willing to offer discounts or are selling large lots of vehicles into rental car or corporate fleets.

General Motors, for instance, said that last month it sharply cut back its rental-car sales.

Also notable, GMC’s Sierra pickup truck worked its way back on to the Top 20 list, at 20th place. At the same time, Chevrolet’s Malibu fell off the list. Cars have been losing favor to trucks lately as buyers look to bigger, thirstier vehicles at a time when gasoline is still relatively cheap.

Here’s the list of June’s Top 20 best-selling vehicles and how their ranking compares to May.

1. Ford F-Series (1)

2. Chevrolet Silverado (2)

3. Toyota Camry (3)

4. Ram 1500-3500 (4)

5. Toyota Corolla (5)

6. Nissan Altima (7)

7. Honda Civic (6)

8. Honda CR-V (9)

9. Honda Accord (8)

10. Hyundai Elantra (17)

11. Ford Fusion (10)

12. Toyota RAV4 (13)

13. Ford Escape (12)

14. Nissan Rogue (14)

15. Chevrolet Cruze (16)

16. Ford Explorer (19)

17. Ford Focus (15)

18. Chevrolet Equinox (11)

19. Jeep Wrangler (18)

20. GMC Sierra (new)

Photo Credit: Hyundai
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