Just What’s Going On Over At Top Gear, Anyway?

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Just what is going on over at Top Gear?

The show’s reboot, which features a whopping six personalities, is hitting some rough waters with reports of production delays and a shorter new season with fewer episodes.

Chris Evans replaced Jeremy Clarkson as the show’s main host last year when Clarkson got the axe following a dispute with a producer. The show now features six people, including Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz, Eddie Jordan, Rory Reid and Matt LeBlanc.

Now comes word that executive producer Lisa Clark left the show’s reboot in December due to Evans. According to The Daily Sun, Clark’s departure was because Evans is a “control freak who thinks he can trample over everyone.” Clark had also reportedly warned Evans the show was falling behind schedule. The new season has in fact been delayed two weeks to May 22 and episodes have been cut from 8 to 6.

Evans, according to reports, also clashed with the former EP over former Friends actor LeBlanc, calling him “old hat.”

Last month, LeBlanc said his and Evans’ approach to the business was similar. “He and I seem to be hitting it off. We were like good friends right off the bat. We’ve been having a really good time. He’s very collaborative,” LeBlanc said. “I think his philosophy is like mine: you leave your ego at the door and you go in and do your job.”

LeBlanc also said he is seeking to inject some fun into the show.

“My thing is more about — when we do the films — to try to find the fun and the funny, and I’m always pitching jokes, and they’re like, ‘Jeez, we got to talk about the car’… I think my leash is going to be getting short really quickly,” he said.

One guy who thinks LeBlanc will do a bang up job is his former Friends co-star Matthew Perry.  Appearing on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Perry expressed no doubt that LeBlanc will be “great” alongside Evans.

“It’s a very exciting job for him because he loves cars,” he said. “He must be thrilled.

“I haven’t spoken to him since he booked the gig, but he is going to be great.”

Meanwhile, Variety reports that Netflix is now in talks with the BBC Worldwide to acquire rights to air the series. This is no shocker though, since you can already see multiple past seasons of Top Gear on Netflix in the U.S., Canada, Australia and throughout Western Europe.

Photo Credit: Top Gear
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